Capital Events Marketing Explore the Need to Return to Creative Thinking

Within the past several decades schools have made a shift away from creative thinking to that which can be learned and proven. Many believe this has left us with an entire generation of workers who are able to perform routine tasks but have not been trained to think outside the box. It is interesting to note that some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs were educated in alternative learning environments that were based on a ‘creative thinking’ model. Here, Capital Events Marketing explore the need to refocus our efforts in education to promote creativity in our students.

Sophinna Asif, Capital Events Marketing Director, says that this is becoming a bigger concern than ever before now that we are seeing greater levels of automation in literally every industry across the board. “Now machines and robots are doing tasks that had previously been relegated to humans. This is creating an environment of fear for the future as workers wonder whether or not they will have a job as this type of technology continues to advance. But there is a way to rectify the situation if we can refocus our educational system to encourage creativity and a mind-set that learning never ends.”

Today there is a definite line of demarcation between what is being called the old economy and the current new reality. In days gone by we were educated to excel at a particular profession and we continued to pursue that through to retirement. With a continual forward movement in technology, it is no longer expected that the workforce will continue in their current professions for the duration of their employment years so it is necessary to change the paradigm of understanding.

“We need to encourage people to continue learning and growing along with technology and to actually take part in designing their own future,” Sophia says. “As time goes on we realise there are fewer things we can be certain of so it is important to be able to explore new options as they present themselves. This is the mind-set of an entrepreneur and we at Capital Events Marketing believe that success lies in developing and entrepreneurial spirit.”

It is never too late to learn and if you are to survive and prosper in today’s fluctuating economy, it is important to be able to recreate your role as you go. Don’t worry about what you have done, your job history, but rather focus on what you have to offer. Jobs will always be there for those who are able to learn and grow along with the times and this is what Capital Events Marketing believe is the future we are head