Capital Events Marketing Review Opportunities for Entrepreneurs in Digital Marketplaces

A wide variety of online platforms and venues exist for entrepreneurs and brands alike to promote their products and make them accessible to the public. The internet has made it possible for literally any small business or brand to quickly promote and provide products and services to anyone in the world at any time. Online websites and marketplaces remain the primary locales through which consumers find products right for them. Here, Capital Events Marketing review the opportunities that now exist in digital product marketplaces for budding entrepreneurs.

Recent economic data collected from industry surveys shows that entrepreneurs may find better luck listing their products on online marketplaces, as opposed to traditional stand-alone websites. Capital Events Marketing Director Sophinna Asif explained that “a clear majority of customers who purchase products online begin their search by visiting an online marketplace such as Amazon, as opposed to using a standard search engine to find what they need”. The knowledge of many online marketplaces as centres where anything can be found has given traditional websites and brands some stiff competition in recent years, but the nature of the competition has reached new levels of difficulty for brands that offer their goods solely through their own websites.

Even well-established and known brands are losing business to third-party retailers due to this increasing tendency of consumers to check digital marketplaces before inspecting search engine results and websites. Many entrepreneurs who resell other products have found a new niche in digital marketplaces, rapidly expanding their businesses due to the innate demand that now exists through these platforms. Capital Events Marketing has worked with several retail clients that now derive a majority of their income off of third-party products and through digital marketplaces instead of their own branded venues.

Capital Events Marketing has witnessed many unique changes to the nature of marketing over the years, and like many other experienced and qualified firms, has reliably predicted many of these changes years in advance. Through careful data-mining, common sense and industry analysis, its clients are assisted by a variety of research elements that ensure success at the front of the pack is maintained. Entrepreneurs who are just beginning their careers in retail would be well-advised to follow the advice given in regards to digital marketplace dominance in today’s online e-commerce world. As the components of centralisation and technology continue to fuel one another, additional developments with regards to shifts in third-party retail sales can be expected.