Director Sophinna Asif of Capital Events Marketing Speaks at Prestigious Industry Event

Recently a marketing industry event was held at the world-famous Hilton Hotel in Deansgate, Manchester and Sophinna Asif of Capital Events Marketing was invited to give a talk. Only the top local entrepreneurs had been asked to attend this ‘by invitation only’ event so Sophinna was truly honoured to be a guest speaker.

“Being a top performer, a top entrepreneur, is an honour in itself, but being asked to share some words with such a prestigious group is beyond an honour. It is an amazing testimony to your level of success and I was awed at those in attendance. As director of Capital Events Marketing I am constantly in touch with some of the most phenomenal entrepreneurs in the business as they work alongside me each and every day. But, to be recognised as an industry leader by some of the most successful entrepreneurs the UK has seen in many years, this is truly an honour which I will treasure always.”

At the event, top performing entrepreneurs discussed industry innovations and how to build a stronger business throughout the remainder of 2015 and into 2016. The talks centred on such issues as sales and marketing with a strong focus on online branding. Another topic that is currently ‘hot’ is in terms of scouting for the right people to work with your office, people who can help build your business. Sophinna Asif says that there are a million and one workers out there looking to get into the marketing industry but not all of them are the perfect match for your office.

“A candidate may have a long history of successful marketing experience under his or her belt but that doesn’t make them suitable for your particular business. Not only do they need to share your vision and have the ambition to drive them upwards but there has to be a ‘feeling’ that you would love to work with this person. Call it an inner sense if you will, but isn’t that what marketing is all about anyway? Predicting the future so as to market to the right audience and in the right way?”

Sophinna Asif has made a name for herself in the industry and this guest-speaking honour is just one of many she has been awarded over the years. As a top entrepreneur herself, Sophinna knows what it takes to get to the top, which is why she was truly proud and happy to speak to such an elite group. What will 2015 into 2016 bring to Capital Events Marketing? If history has any bearing, we can expect great things from Sophinna and her office.