Capital Events Marketing Offer Tips for New Managers

Being thrust into a managerial role is often mindboggling and one that most new managers are simply unprepared for. Whether you have worked long and hard for that step up the corporate ladder or have been promoted without warning, most people are simply unprepared for what lies ahead. Here, Capital Events Marketing offer tips for new managers to help make the transition smoother and a whole lot less stressful.

“Suddenly you are asked to put on a new hat and your whole world changes. You are suddenly asked to go from focusing on getting work done to managing the way others do that work, and it can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t step back a moment to look at why it is such a challenge,” says Sophinna Asif, director of Capital Events Marketing.

Sophinna Asif explains that the key to stepping into a leadership role is actually all about communications. Most of us don’t realise that when we are communicating with others we are injecting our own experiences into the conversation. What we are saying is infused with our perception of the subject and that may be totally different from how the other person perceives what is being said. An effective manager needs to learn to think before speaking so that what is being said is perfectly clear to any listener, no matter what their background may be.

“It’s about encoding and decoding messages,” Sophinna Asif explains. “If you are talking to a colleague who simply doesn’t ‘get it,’ it’s time to back up and think about what you’ve said. You are trying to get a point across and it just may be that the other person is hearing what you aren’t saying because of his or her experience, attitudes or even values.” At this point Sophinna Asif suggests that you ask the other person what they heard you say. Before speaking, think a moment to actually ‘hear’ what the other is saying.

Learning to be a manager is all about getting your message across to the office. Before it was your job to hear what your boss was saying and then to get the job done. Now the tables have turned and it’s your turn to communicate what needs doing. Think about the best leaders and managers you’ve had along the way and you will see their messages were perfectly clear. Want to be a great manager? Learn to look and listen before speaking and soon your office will be top performers. It’s all about effective communications and once you manage that, you’ve successfully donned your new hat.