Capital Events Marketing Discuss the Relevance of Knowing Your Market

When it comes to direct marketing, Capital Events Marketing believe that there is nothing is more important than knowing your market area because you will be dealing face to face with customers at live events. According to Sophinna Asif, managing director of Capital Events Marketing, it is vital to know the people you will be engaging with because each market area has specific buying trends that must be understood in order to capture a large audience. From promoting the event through to demonstrating products, you need to know what that market is looking for in products and/or services you have to offer.

These are not just statistics at the other end of cyberspace but real people within the population who follow buying trends for their region of the world. “No one knows better than we do,” says Sophinna “that what sells in one country will probably not be as popular in the next. In fact, it varies from city to city and even from neighbourhood to neighbourhood so knowing who is buying what and why comes down to whether or not your event will be a success for your client.”

Sophinna and her company have a longstanding connection with various events venues in and around the London area and have developed a working relationship with a huge number of people in the area. They understand the demographics of the region and because they are so well-acquainted with various ethnic groups within the population, are better able to determine where to host each event based on the product line and the brand they are promoting.

“One of the exciting things we will be doing in the very near future,” Sophinna says “will be to test a new line of skincare products at key events around London. Our knowledge of the market enables us to know where these products will most likely sell because we know the people in those areas.” She continues to explain that in order of relevance, knowing your market is key. Long before researching and booking venues it is vital to have a solid grasp on what consumers are buying, what triggers you need to employ and of course, whether or not you even have a product that will succeed within those demographics.

Sophinna concludes that knowing your market is of primary importance because each market is different. With a long history of expanding customer bases for their clients, Capital Events Marketing have proven that success boils down to knowing who you are selling to. That’s the bottom line.