Capital Events Marketing Discuss Startups in the Current Economy

As a direct marketing group working with businesses of all sizes throughout the UK, Capital Events Marketing is in a position to note just how the economic recovery is impacting startups. According to director Sophinna Asif, there is no place in all of Europe that is more conducive to starting a business and here she looks at some of the reasons why.

“In recent years, the government has made great efforts to get people back to work after the hard hit we took when the bubble burst back in 2009. The other day I read a report put out by a Dubai think tank, the Legatum Institute, and it just backs up what we have known all along. The government in the UK has policies that not only yielded amazing results in terms of getting people back to work but also are aimed at empowering entrepreneurs to start businesses. This is a giant step in the right direction as far as I am concerned because for altogether too long British enterprises have been moving offices abroad. Other countries had better perks for new companies. This is no longer the case and we are happy to work with many of these fledgling companies, promoting their brand and products to get their name out there where it counts, here at home.”

Sophinna is aware of the fact that the UK is in direct competition with other European countries such as Norway that seems to always come in at the top (or near the top) of the list for startups. Many entrepreneurs take their ideas to Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden and New Zealand that have legislation and economic stability favourable to startups, even from abroad. “Closer to home, Ireland ranks amongst the most economically stable countries for startups to look at as well,” Sophinna adds.

The UK climbed a phenomenal 9 places within a year and is now in 19th place worldwide for places favourable to start up a company and for the first time has topped its pre-crisis position. This offers a huge ray of light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel of the past several years and one that Capital Events Marketing is happy to be walking in. As the economy recovers they are able to take their clients forward to greater market shares by bringing their products and services to direct events where consumers finally have money to spend. “The bottom line is money and that finally seems to be flowing freely once again,” Sophinna says. “With government policies favourable to startups and consumers having money to spend, there is every hope our economy will continue to grow.” And Capital Events Marketing is passionate about growing their clients’ bottom line in this new and stronger economy.