Capital Events Marketing Explain the Importance of the 10 C’s of Marketing

Wherever you look this year when it comes to retail and marketing news, there is something being referred to as the “10 C’s” and experts are saying that these 10 strategies are the reason why retail was up over 15% from last year and more so than any year in more than a decade. Sophinna Asif of Capital Events Marketing in London explains why more businesses should capitalise on these strategies and understand just how important they are to continued growth.

“Without going into all the C’s, there are a few that stand out when it comes to marketing,” Sophinna Asif says. “The first one that I feel has made a major impact on the industry is called conversational commerce. This is referring to the age of social media and how today’s consumer thrives on engagement. Any business looking to grow their market share needs to engage consumers and the best way to do that is with social media, especially for the mobile crowd. Also, the second ‘C’ is referring to coverage on searches which, as a marketer, I feel is especially important. As much as 1/3 of all traffic to our clients’ websites comes from searches, organic searches that is, and that’s why it is vital for them to use all the tools and tricks in the book to rank highly on the SERPs.”

Depending on which site you look at for information on the 10 C’s, you will find a different focus, but in marketing each and every one is vital to success. The one other huge strategy that Sophinna feels is important in every marketing campaign, no matter how large or small a budget you have, is called commandment in UX, as of course, the user experience is paramount if you ever hope to grow your bottom line. If the visitor doesn’t have a good experience in locating and navigating your website, then it is unlikely they will stick around to do much buying.

Sophinna Asif says that every business large and small should take the time to look over the growing focus on the 10 C’s of marketing, sometimes referred to as the 10 C’s of retail, because each and every one is a vital strategy when seeking to grow your market share. “It’s all about taking what analysts have discovered and putting it to work for you. These 10 C’s should become part of your marketing bible if you really want to oust the competition and make your mark within your niche. These 10 C’s sum up nicely what it is we do at Capital Events Marketing and of course why we have been so very successful at what we do.” It couldn’t be said any better.