Capital Events Marketing on Giving Recognition

Somewhere along the line, today’s society has portrayed successful entrepreneurs and their enterprises as a one-man band, with a super hero cape and some magic talent, who totally alone, did everything by themselves. Director of Capital Events Marketing, Sophinna Asif gives thanks and recognition to her band of influencers and rig of marketing experts who all together contribute to the success of her business.

Any entrepreneur will tell you that this is a complete misconception and will always give credit to the group of professionals who along the way made their vision a reality. Any successful business will consist of a machine of hard working and dedicated workers, from in house marketing, administration and mentors to outsourced services like branding, and PR, and friends and family who support the dream and business partners who mentored and trained you up until this point. All contributors to the success of every entrepreneur.

Managing director Sophinna Asif, being a self made entrepreneur herself, appreciates all that her hardworking band of marketing experts put into making her direct marketing enterprise a success, just as she envisions. “When I was training in this field I had mentors who helped teach and shape me into the businesswoman I am today, because of them I am now able to help teach, train and mentor millennials and budding entrepreneurs on the same path” Sophinna says, “I do not have any magic talents, I am not special, I watched people work harder than i’ve seen before, i’ve seen their visions come to life and with the hard work, and dedication from my colleagues, I am able to feed my dreams and watch them grow right before me.”

Based in London, Sophinna manages a group of marketing experts and budding entrepreneurs who consistently provide their renowned clients with high quality customer retention and industry results. “I work very hard, I have to be the best example possible, but I would not have this amazing opportunity if it weren’t for my coaches, mentors, family, friends and band of entrepreneurs who encourage me, help me and see my vision, as our vision”.

Without Sophinna’s visions, her positive attitude, her leadership skills and winning mentality, there would be no enterprise to build. Sophinna and her entire network have set an incredible standard across the direct marketing industry and deserve to be celebrated for all of their accomplishments and hard work. We look forward to seeing what amazing things you do next.