Capital Events Marketing – Explore Useful Tips To Increase The Speed In Which You Learn At

Although everyone learns at a different rate of speed, there are times when even those who seem to grasp new concepts quickly are just not catching on as usual. The direct marketing industry is constantly developing and Capital Events Marketing understand exactly how crucial it is to keep well informed with the contemporary marketing trends. Managing director Sophinna Asif encourages her group of marketing experts to maintain that student mentality and absorb new information just like a sponge.

“One of the things that comes to mind is the way in which many of us study. With the all the advances in technology, few students write notes by hand anymore and that is a huge mistake. I train everybody the following habits to increase their ability to learn faster” explains managing director Sophinna Asif of Capital Events Marketing.

Exercise Your Brain – Any way in which you can exercise your brain will help you learn at a faster rate. It’s like training for a fun run, the more you exercise, the faster and stronger you become and the further you will get in the race.

Take Notes – There is something in the mind body connection that helps us remember what we are writing that just isn’t there when typing. Also, writing is slower and takes more concentration which could also be an important component, as when we practise a task, we absorb the actions we take much better.

Get Hands on Experience – “Immerse yourself in the learning experience, engage and practise the topic you are learning. For example I train my group to immediately practise their product knowledge toward a live audience in a real life situation, that way they perfect their pitch much quicker” Sophinna Asif explains.

No matter what industry you are in, it is always a learning process and the moment you stop learning is the moment your business stops growing. Managing director Sophinna Asif and the group at Capital Events Marketing make it a habit within their company culture to learn at least one new fact a day.