Capital Events Marketing Talk About Greeting The Day

Greet the day with enthusiasm, stay positive, attack the day, and make it happen. This is the philosophy of Capital Events Marketing own managing director and self made entrepreneur, Sophinna Asif. We discuss why greeting the day with a positive attitude and a hearty hello is so significant when seizing the day.

Science proves that getting up with the sunrise is what we as humans are designed to do. Rising at noon because you don’t have to be at an office is actually not impressive. You don’t have to start working early if it doesn’t suit you, but your days feel much easier when you rise earlier and you have more hours in the day. Self made entrepreneur Sophinna Asif admits ”by starting the day slightly earlier than most will allow you time to yourself before the insanity of building your empire begins. Morning time is so significant to ensuring you squeeze the most out of every day, it’s a great time to exercise or move your body, power up with healthy eats, and get your mind right” she says.

How you prepare for each day counts towards your final reward. If you were running for prime minister, would you jump right into election day, without any campaigning, with sweatpants on, having slept in until 1 p.m.? Nope. Get up, get prepared and get after it. Marketing gurus at Capital Events Marketing are influenced by their managing director Sophinna Asif to greet every morning with a wide smile and a hearty hello, focusing on the opportunities you are faced with how you are going to go about attacking them. We can train ourselves to routinely wake up earlier than we need to, not to tire ourselves, but to be prepared and spend some time in the morning doing what we want to do, i.e. read an article, make a healthy breakfast or work out and not rushing out of the door and heading straight into the office. Doing this can make you resent the mornings, as you can begin to feel like you do not run your own life and your not in control of your daily graft. By changing and adjusting to these simple routines, you can totally change that glum and morning mindset and you will take back the start to your day and begin with a much more positive and go getting attitude, which we at Capital Events Marketing know to be a winning discipline.