Capital Events Marketing Suggest Tips For Building A Successful Office

In the traditional model of business architecture, everything starts at the top and works its way down. Offices have always been built on this model and until recently, it was always thought to be the most effective style of management. The boss sets the stage and all levels underneath follow suit. Capital Events Marketing, however, feel there is perhaps a better way to build an office in which everyone feels empowered. Here, Sophinna Asif, the company’s director offers tips on building a powerful office on this new vision of empowerment.


“Current thinking is that approaching working together from the bottom upwards gives everyone a sense of worth. With the older model, as you progress down the chain, there is a sense of futility.” With this model, every member of the office feels like their ideas are valued and that their opinions are worth something. It helps them feel a greater sense of belonging which fosters a sense of loyalty to the office and to the company which the office is part of.


Sophinna Asif says that Capital Events Marketing builds office “where every member has a voice and each one is able to step up and fill a void where needed. Each member is groomed to be a leader and in his or her own right is an entrepreneur. We encourage our office to understand the role of leadership because from time to time, each of them may be called upon to head a project. Our office are comprised of entrepreneurs who have a vision and are continually working towards a goal.” She goes on to say that the old model upon which office were built just doesn’t work with this philosophy.


It is also important to have office members understand that they all can’t be leaders at all times. Ego is good up to a certain point but a strong office is built of members who know how to take a backseat if necessary. There will come a time for each to take the reins but there are times when they need to take direction as well. Office work together for a common good and one weak link can stop progress dead in its tracks.


When building an office, it is vital to foster a sense of worth in each member so that they feel as though they are valued. Their opinions count, their voices need to be heard and they need to be willing to lead or to follow for the benefit of the group. Capital Events Marketing has built a powerful office based on this model and can tell you from experience, it works!