Capital Events Marketing Voices Confidence Boosting Tips To Fellow Business Women

Possessing confidence is pivotal to holding your own in business and growing a successful business with a force to recon with. As a female C.E.O, managing director Sophinna Asif understands how hard it can sometimes be to ignore old stereotypes and compete alongside the big boys in the business world. Sophinna Asif of Capital Events Marketing shares with us her confidence boosting tips to keeping confident as a female in the fast paced world of business.


If you are beginning to lack in confidence, you may may find that you lack the emotional resources to push forward and remain on a steady path to success. Whether it’s your relationships with colleagues, your competition, or even the relationship you have with yourself as a business owner, confidence has a significant impact on your decisions and hence, the choices you make in your career. Sophinna Asif reassures us that by sticking to these practices, we can continue to “do it for the ladies”. “In business you will notice that professional and successful businessmen have an aura about them, they have a presence which can hold a room. Sometimes women can forget that they can do this too, they can hold their own in the business environment, to get that confidence you should try straightening that posture and striking a pose.” she says, “Seriously, women are fierce and should not forget this. Stand tall and strong amongst those men and you will be a boost in your confidence level.” Finally, be sure to make eye contact when speaking to others. Averting your eyes or looking around the room engenders suspicion and may damage your credibility.


Identifying your beliefs and your capabilities is the first step to finding the confidence to  achieve what you want in your career. Sophinna Asif advices ditching any Limiting beliefs and damaging thoughts such as: “I’m not good enough” or “I will never get what I set out to achieve.” By identifying your beliefs and by repeatedly and consistently reminding yourself that you are confident enough and dedicated enough to achieve this, you will cancel out that negative thought pattern and break the cycle which drains you of your confidence. “Tell yourself that you are a powerful business woman” “I am going to be successful” and repeat these positive affirmations aloud and silently to yourself often. It may seem animated, but this practice will certainly break any negative thought patterns you might have.” explains Sophinna Asif of Capital Events Marketing.