Capital Events Marketing has proven to be dependable and accountable over the years, with a proven track record of increasing our clients customer base and drumming up revenue. We believe one of the determining factors of an events campaigns success is the open communication we develop with our clients. We know that in order to sell our clients brands we need to ask the right questions and get to know what their brand stands for.

There are three ways we can do business for our clients at each event:

1) Create more customers

2) Create more purchases

3) Create more expensive purchases

Capital Events Marketing employee all three tactics to help build our clients customer base. A lot of the time this means we need to keep it simple – concentrating on individual sales, one customer at a time, focusing on building that relationship, as opposed to coming up with mass media marketing strategies to appeal to everyone. The relationship we have with our clients is the most important one as it sets them and us up for success. For a business relationship to work there needs to be respect, trust, commitment, and strong communication. Lastly we need to formulate realistic expectations and then we need to exceed those expectations.

Before we start selling and promoting our clients brand we meet with our clients to discuss the following:

1) We discuss and survey the market conditions our clients operate in.

2) We segment the market and determine which segment would be most profitable.

3) We analyse this market to find the best way to appeal to this segment.

4) We look at our clients competition and see how they are positioned in the marketplace.

5) We conduct a test to see which product strategy works and which events work.

6) We analyse what worked best and make the necessary changes.

7) We implement the strategy across the event channels that have been decided on.


When developing a sales and events strategy for a new client, there will always be trial and error. Capital Events Marketing is committed to figuring out what works best within the parameters of an events campaign. Capital Events Marketing have had vast experience and success within the product sector. Give our client development office a call so we can discuss how we can help take your brand to new heights.