Capital Events Marketing represents our clients brands and puts them at the forefront of customers minds though targeted event bookings. We generate new customers though targeted events, product demonstration and selling the brand with our tailored sales systems. We understand that in order for those customers to become repeat customers they go through a buying cycle.

A first time buyer goes through 5 steps:

1) Becomes aware of the product

2) Makes an initial investment

3) Post-purchase evaluation

4) Decision to repurchase

5) Repurchase

By representing our clients correctly we want to not just create first time buyers but also loyal customers. Loyal customers that make repeat purchases, purchase across product and service lines, refer others and demonstrate immunity to the pull of the competition. Capital Events Marketing generate a high volume of customers through our specialised selling techniques. The most important part of our sales process is qualifying customers. Not everyone is a customer and so as not to waste time, the first step in the Capital Events Marketing customer acquisition process is qualifying. The two most basic qualifiers are: ‘Does this person have a need for your product or service?’ and secondly, ‘Do they have the ability to buy?’

Our objective at Capital Events Marketing is not just to make a sale, but to know that the first sale is the beginning of a lifetime customer relationship with our clients. This is why we stress the importance of our clients having a good customer support office in place to answer any later questions they may have in the post-purchase phase, leading them into a repeat purchase. Once someone has bought into the brand and purchased a product or service, every interaction with that customer is an opportunity to add value. Customers must not just see an empty shell of a company but rather one that they have connected to on a human level and can relate to. A lot of customers become loyal to a brand because of the internal ethos a brand abides by. Innocent Smoothies are a good example of this.