Events Strategy

Understanding our clients brands is the first step in determining the direction Capital Events Marketing take with the events strategy. There are so many types of events, and the main determining factor in which events we organise on behalf of our clients is who their target market is and if they want mass exposure or if they want to attract a particular type of customer at exclusive events. As mentioned on our home page there are several types of events campaigns, in-store promotions, university sites, shopping centres and trade shows. Capital Events Marketing can tailor our events strategy based on our clients needs and what their defined target market is. Our clients can rest assured that we know the events industry inside and out and have special relationships with all types of event venues around London and the UK.

Once Capital Events Marketing have decided on what types of events would be well suited to the clients we are working with, the next step is to learn our clients brands inside and out. We are essentially the face of our clients brands at these events selling their product or service. Product training is extensive and done on a daily basis before we head out to our booked events. This way we know for sure that we are doing the best job we can representing our clients and bringing their brand to the forefront in the market place. Capital Events Marketing knows that repeat business is the corner stone of any brands survival in todays market place. For this reason we represent our clients brands true identity and sell their brands values as well as the reasons why customers should give them a try.

Capital Events Marketing specialise in gaining new customers. Aligning a customers expectations with the benefits of the product or service and then delivering on that brand promise always increases repeat purchases dramatically.